Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Things

It seems like it has been a quick trip through May. Too quick for me! May is one of my favorite months and even with all of the rain we've had, I wouldn't mind if it stuck around a little longer.

May has brought some good things and some not so good things.

The not so good things - allergies worse than I've ever had them. The whole itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. thing and also making the list - replacing our air conditioner. Hopefully the last big house expenditure for a while!

The good things.

Good thing number one - spending Mother's Day with my son! He treated me to a trip to a new yarn store I had wanted to check out in Chesapeake City, Maryland. It is only about ten minutes away, and that could be a dangerous thing.

(although the bridge could be a deterrent if I choose to travel that route again).

I offered to let him wait in the car, but he came in with me and very patiently walked all around the store while I oohed and ahhed over all of the lovely yarns and other goodies they had.

I think I was pretty good. I bought some beautiful yarn of course and three different needle sizes I needed.

Do I know what I'm going to do with any of it -- not really, but I've been spending a lot of time looking on Ravelry.

Afterward, he took me to brunch at the Chesapeake Inn. We didn't have reservations and still were sat at one of the best tables.

Complete with a view of That Bridge! 😰I think the thing that bothers me the most about it is that it is only two lanes. Oh, and the low, see-through sides. According to my son, the view from the top was quite scenic!

Good thing number two - the start of Book Bingo! Thank you, Mary, for keeping this going!

And just in time for Book Bingo - the arrival of a few new books. I think they will fit into some of the categories.

I know stitching pictures have been few and far between. I am trying. But runny eyes and nose and workmen tramping in and out of the house make it a little frustrating - I am close to a finish though.

And wow, even more bloggers are disappearing. I think Blogger is trying to make it easy. I don't really understand what is going on with comments and I'm tempted to just disable them, but we'll see how it goes.

Until next time take care!


Robin in Virginia said...

The latest blogger issues is due to the change in privacy policies due to the GDPR from what I understand. I also understand they are trying to resolve the problem.

Your yarn purchases are all lovely. Glad you had a good outing with your son.

Terri said...

I would have had a major problem with that bridge, too! Yikes!

Beautiful yarn and sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'd love to hear more about Book Bingo?

Vickie said...

What a lovely outing with your son. :) Penny you need to just check your comments for now until Blogger fixes this problem for us all.

marly said...

What a nice view to dine by. How sweet of your son to walk the shop with you. I hope your allergies calm down.

The bridge? Nah-uh. No way!!!

Barb said...

You have a terrific son!! I am so impressed that he stuck with you in a yarn shop. What a nice man! Blogger is driving us all crazy I think!

Preeti said...

Glad to know that you had a lovely time with your son:) Beautiful yarns! Looking forward to see your yarny makes.
I just read yesterday that blogger hasn't disabled the emailing thing but they are fixing some issues and it will be up by next week.

diamondc said...

Hi Penny: It is sad what google is doing for bloggers, I have tried on many blogs to comment and cannot, I am happy you had a great Mother’s Day, someday I shall learn to knit or crochet.


Mary said...

I'm so glad you haven't given up blogging (and that your readers are still commenting)! I do think Google is ready to get out of the business... but yay! for yarn shop trips and brunch (your son is a keeper for sure :-) and bingo! I read Kindred a few years ago and loved it. ditto the Silkworm. You've got some exciting reading ahead of you!!

Julie said...

What a lovely son you have, pretty yarns you chose.
A great view to look at when enjoying your meal, I like bridges, better to drive over than to walk over them though!
{Hugs} x
I'm not good at technology so am just keep on blogging and see what happens, someone will know what to do and drop us a note on their blog.

Margaret said...

What a lovely Mother's Day treat you had! Love seeing your pretty yarn. Sorry about the allergies. I do think it's been a bad year for them.

Carol said...

Oh, what a perfect day with your son, Penny! That is so sweet that he even came into the yarn store with you :) Lovely yarn you selected--and then a delightful lunch on top of that. What a fine young man you've raised :)

I will be doing Bingo this year at the library, but as a patron not as a librarian--I'm anxious to see what categories they've chosen for us this summer. Enjoy--and I hope your allergies clear up soon and your house cools down. Hope June is off to a great start!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, allergies. From what I hear from everyone they are just worse this year than the years before because there is so much more pollen in the air. I hope that it will stop for you real soon.

Wonderful, your little trip with your son including a nice brunch at a great restaurant as it seems. A great treat for Mother's Day indeed and I'm sure you totally enjoyed it.

Your book bingo sounds interesting again. I read Plainsong many years ago and I'm completely fascinated by the books of Kent Haruf. And I also read some books by John Hart, they are so thrilling.

I'm very curious to see what you will make with that wool.

Astrids dragon said...

Oh yes, allergies this spring have been terrible! So happy that I'm not bothered by anything now. I hope it's better for you too.
What a lovely Mother's Day you had, your son had a great day planned for you!
I hope blogger straightens out soon, I still love reading them.

Jackie said...

It sounds like the perfect Mothers Day! The idea of book bingo sounds fun. I've gotten used to bridges over water living in a city with 7 big ones. One has low walls and that one is a bit harder.