Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Knotty Bunny and Fuzzy Balls

First, the knotty bunny! I usually don't mix alcohol and whatever I'm working on, but this piece required wine!


Spring Delivery by Brenda Gervais

So glad to be finished with this one and proud of myself for resisting the urge just to trash it.

I saw this recently and would have to agree with it.

Really! So pretty, but I'm so tired of it. Hopefully, this is the last time it storms back.

And that is where fuzzy balls come in. We added them to our decorations this Christmas, and they are so cheery and warm (because they are fuzzy) -- and I may just keep them out all year. They certainly distract me from days with a lot of white stuff in them.

I'm getting ready to do something I never do - go on vacation (one where I actually leave the state). 😉

And the best part is I'm going with my daughter. We will be spending time in Wilmington, NC and then going on to Myrtle Beach.

I'm sure hoping the weather is a little warmer -- it certainly shouldn't snow. Right? And even if it does, I will still be with my daughter, and that is just the best!! I'm so excited!!

Catherine was kind enough to send me this book (thank you!), and I think I will take it with me. I'm looking forward to reading it - from what Catherine has said, it seems like just when you think you have it figured out -- you don't.

And in the "it may sound silly" column, I have figured out how to add the reply option back to my comment section. It seems like a good way to respond to those of you who are no-reply bloggers. So, if that applies to you check back. 🙂

Until next time I hope that maybe a little bit of spring has come your way!
Take care ~


Robin in Virginia said...

Pretty snow picture, but enough is enough with winter! Your stitch is super; I am sorry that it gave you fits. I like your 'fuzzy' light balls. Where did you find them? Enjoy your vacation and the time spent with your daughter.

Vickie said...

Oh Penny I love Spring Delivery! Have super vacation. How neat to go with your daughter!!

Barb said...

Spring Delivery is so pretty! Good for you for not giving up!! Have a wonderful time on vacation with your daughter. We were in Alabama and it was quite lovely. (2 weeks ago)Lots of things in bloom and fairly warm!

Preeti said...

Congrats on the lovely finish! Global warming results in very low temperatures also, a new term should be devised to explain both effects. Stay warm. Enjoy your vacation with your daughter:)

Mary said...

LOVE that stitching piece; I find that stitching MUST go well with wine :-)

Have a wonderful trip! I'm headed to SC myself next week ... fingers crossed about the weather. Surely there won't be snow!

Julie said...

Sweet bunny and what a great thing the fuzzy ball is. Definitely keep it out all year, it looks like a nice glow it gives off. Enjoy your trip.

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely bunny finish but sorry that you had to have a real fight with him before you could finish him. Sometimes it's just like that - and I hope that it doesn't happen so soon again.
Oh my, oh my, snow in April, and not just a couple of flurries. I can understand that you have seen enough of it by now. Let's hope that there won't be snow in NC but only sunshine and warmth. And spring! Have a wonderful trip with your daughter.

Margaret said...

I love your finish! Worth the struggle! Your header is beautiful too! Have a wonderful trip with your daughter! (And yes, I'm ready for real spring to come, please!) Love your fuzzy balls!

Carol said...

What a darling finish, Penny! I do love that bunny, but sorry it was such a struggle to stitch. Do you think it was the thread itself? That must have been very frustrating, but I'm so glad you kept at it! Your mantle looks so soft and warm with those little fuzzy light balls. I may have to look into getting some as I'm redecorating my mantle :)

I know you'll love every minute of a real vacation with your daughter--you both deserve it! And it should be warm and sunny (fingers crossed!) for you in SC. I just can't believe it is mid-April and we are still talking about snow. It was a beautiful weekend here--mid 70s, but the "S" word is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Safe travels to you, Penny! Hope you come back refreshed and relaxed :)

diamondc said...

Penny: I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter, what a better place to go then south and east.
Your Bunny design makes me happy the colors are beautiful.
I too would keep out the fuzzy balls, they are lovely.
Please let me know if you like the book.


Karoline said...

Your finish is gorgeous. I can totally imagine that all those knots would have you reaching for a drink, they would me!