Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Uncle! / Three Pointless Reflections

Pointless Reflection #1
Here come nor'easters four and five, so I guess sliding into Spring snowless isn't going to happen. Winter is really reluctant to let go, and yes, I am more than ready to say, uncle, as I'm sure many of you are!

And I know March is supposed to be kite flying month, but these winds we have had are crazy!

Still looking for a Robin, but the only Robin I've seen was my sister a week ago.

Pointless Reflection #2
This time change has really done a number on me.

By the time I finish the daily things I have to do and finally get a chance to sit down in the evening, Bernie settles in my lap, and we both have a little snoozy time. I absolutely cannot keep my eyes open, and Bernie's purring lulls me right off.

I know at some point I will adjust, but it bugs me to waste the time.

Pointless Reflection #3
I seem to be in a real rut with my reading.

I keep plugging away in my search for a really good book, and while a few books have had promising starts, they just seem to fizzle out somewhere along the way. The most recent and biggest disappointment was The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. I just can't figure out how it was rated so highly. First, too much domestic violence! And I just couldn't like any of the characters. At times I almost felt the book was written by several different people. Not even sure why I finished it other than I feel like I have given up on too many books lately.

Oh well, I'm sure in time I'm bound to stumble upon a good one.

Enough pointless reflecting! I do have a tiny bit of knitting to show (which also puts me to sleep - too relaxing). I had to temporarily move on from Stella as there was a mystery involved with it. I seem to have gotten a bad skein of yarn and kept finding myself holding short pieces of yarn. More yarn is on order, so in the meantime, I've been working on The Miller's Daughter.


And to bring a bit of color into this neverending winter, I've revisited The ES Spot Sampler from Of Female Worth.

Thank you to those of you who take the time to stop by and leave a comment and to those of you who just stop by. We all have busy lives, so your visits and comments are so welcome!

Take care, everyone.


Vickie said...

I am listening to Lilac Girls right now Penny. It is very good. Have you read The Nightingale? I like your sampler very much.

Carol said...

Oh, I do feel for you, Penny, with all those nor'easters! My sister in Boston has just about lost her mind. She is a teacher, too, so the school year just keeps getting extended due to all the snow days. We have been lucky in western PA. A bit of snow here or there, but no major storms. And yes, I have even seen robins... Hang in there :)

So sorry to hear about The Great Alone as I just got it on audio from the library. Will give it a try and see how I do with it...

Love your knitting and the sampler is so pretty--great colors in that one :)

Happy First Day of Spring--things can only get better, right?!

marly said...

Well the colors in that sampler are spring-ish, but don't look outside! We have Robins but I have no idea what they are eating with the ground frozen solid.

Preeti said...

Lovely knitting and stitching! We don't get the weather of our choice but we do get the projects to choose:)
Reviews and ratings for products(even books) is a business these days, not all are genuine readers/users. I haven't read this book but I guess some people might be liking such stories.

Robin in Virginia said...

Both your projects look super. I'm with you on the time change. While I love winter and snow, I am ready for spring. Thinking of you!

Kathy said...

Hi Penny, I just discovered your blog and enjoyed it. Also happy to see another person that like to read, and from paper not just electronics! Look forward to following you. Maybe you can take a look at my blog "stitching in a southern garden". I am just learning to do it, and feel slow on the uptake sometimes.

diamondc said...

Hi Penny: We have had Robins and Great Blue Egrets here for a few days now, here in Minnesota it can be winter till the end of April, it seems the birds know it will be warm soon.
I Love your Sampler, very pretty, I have never learned to crochet or knit that is in my bucket list of too do's.
I am reading The Alibi by Sandra Brown, its fictional but a great read I have a hard time putting it down.


Brigitte said...

I can fully understand you, Penny. This winter seems to be never-ending. Whenever the snow has melted new snow comes and makes everything white again. And I so long for mild temperatures and the colours of nature.
Pulling out that sampler was the perfect thing to do - when there are no red tulips in the garden you just have to stitch them :))) So may wonderful reds in this sampler.
I hope that you will soon be out of your reading slump. I just know that feeling much too well - sometimes none of the books I start seizes my interest. Sometimes starting a thriller helps, no matter if it's a good or a bad one, lol.
We will undergo the time change next weekend and believe me I'm not looking forward to it. It usually takes me a week to get adjusted to it although it's only an hour.

Mary said...

so many pretty things to look at! I love your new blog header, and Miller's Daughter is going to be a stunner, as is that sampler. Those pops of cherry red stitching make me smile. I'm so glad to read your reaction to The Great Alone; I returned it to Audible (and did not finish ... too many good books to spend time on those that aren't ... at this point, it's going to take a LOT to get me to try another Kristin Hannah book). I chose Susan Meissner's latest (As Bright as Heaven) to replace it and have high hopes for it.

Gisela Suski said...

Love your bunny,I just read some books from Hazel Gaynor that was enjoyable. 'A MEMORY OF VIOLETS" is one of my favorites.

Margaret said...

Love both your knitting and your stitching. Bad yarn? Yikes! Now what are you saying about a 5th nor'easter? Knock on wood, number 4 was the last!!! I am so sick of these storms! As for reading -- I am still having trouble too. I read books, but I haven't felt that a book was super good in a long time. Such a bummer. I will steer clear of that Kristen hannah book. I must say I wasn't attracted to the description of it so I probably wouldn't have read it anyway.

Julie said...

Time change for us this evening, that'll put paid to my week for sure till I get used to it.
Love the new header pic, so pretty when your blog downloaded.
Lovely stitching and knitting, I like the shawl.
Have a lovely week, hope the weather improves and warmer temperatures are soon with you.

Meari said...

Your knitting is stunning. Nice progress on your sampler, too.

You guys out East have had a time of it with the Nor'easters. We were supposed to get some wet, heavy snow last weekend, but luckily it bypassed us. Just an hour west and south, though, got a lot.

Unknown said...

Good morning. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I hope the weather is getting better. I have searched for Flagday at the potting shed...to no avail. You stitched a very nice piece. Would you be willing to sell me your pattern. Thank you regardless for your sharing beautiful work.
I am the slowest stitcher ever. Mary

Karoline said...

Here's hoping the weather has improved for you, they are predicting more snow for us tomorrow but I suspect we will just get heavy rain. Just typical of a British bank holiday!
Your shawl and sampler are both looking lovely.

Our photos said...

The sampler is beautiful!