Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sometimes Februarys

... Are for helping someone begin the next chapter in their life.

I used to laugh as I ripped the AARP junk mail in half and threw it out. But after a month of helping my daughter to pack up and move, I'm not laughing anymore. Maybe I'm older than I think? My body has sure felt it.

But the satisfaction of seeing a lightness to my daughter that I haven't seen in a long time has made it all worth it. And of course, spending time with her and shopping for new things has been fun.

I really haven't been home very much this month, so I don't have too much to show in the way of crafty things. I have been working here and there on a few things but mostly on Ann Rayner from Threads Through Time.

Oh, those alphabets! Alphabets despite being quick to stitch are not my favorite things. So, I had to wander down and take a break from them. Thankfully, there are so many beautiful elements to this sampler -- no shortage of fun things to stitch. 🙂


... Are for celebrating a birthday. My husband is not on a daytime schedule so as you can tell we do our celebrating during the nighttime hours. That black forest cake is delicious at any time of the day or night.


It is a beautiful sunny, warm day here. I am still waiting for that one big snow event we seem to get every year. And it is possible for that to happen in March -- it has before, although I'm hoping we will just slide into spring snowless. 

I'm hoping to catch up with everyone and see what you have all been doing. I seem to have fallen behind in my blog reading -- again. 

Until next time ~ take care!


Vickie said...

Oh! Your daughter has moved out. Wow. Tears? All three of ours are still living at home yet. When our oldest moves in several months, I will be crying!
Your sampler is lovely. So is the cake!! ;)

Carol said...

Isn't today the prettiest day, Penny? Pure blue sky and sun--a rarity in the northeast, that's for sure! I do remember one horrible snow storm--over a foot of the white stuff--in mid-March. I hope that doesn't happen this year. I am SO ready for Spring.

I'm sure it does your heart good to see your daughter looking forward to this next chapter in her life. It must be such fun to have a daughter to shop with--I really wish I had had that experience. Boys just aren't the same :)

Wishing your husband a very happy year ahead--he's off to a good start with that yummy looking cake!

marly said...

Glad the move happened without incidents or injuries. I do see a change in stamina as I age, not fun at all!

Looks like a fabulous cake, hope his birthday was as well.

I see tiny tiny red letters on that sampler, must be over one. It all looks gorgeous.

Barb said...

We helped our daughter with a move too and ended up very tired!! The colors of Anne are beautiful. are you using the recommended floss? I have that chart but it is in my to do box. Seeing how pretty yours looks makes me think I should pull it out. I've been doing LHN's Early Americans and I'm getting very tired of houses! Nine all together!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy to hear the move was a good one! Your sampler is looking good as does that cake.

Preeti said...

Good to know your daughter is beginning a new chapter in her life. Your sampler is beautiful :) Belated birthday wishes to your husband.

Julie said...

A lovely cake your husband had to celebrate his birthday, birthday wishes to him
Pretty stitching project
{hug} for you, I remember when my daughter moved out xx

laceystitcher said...

Your Ann Rayner is looking so beautiful. I have the pattern but have not started her yet. Maybe I will get her kitted up. :)

Brigitte said...

Happy belated birthday, Penny. And yes, you are right - Black Forest cake can be savored at any time the day or by night. Because it's one of the bestest cakes in the world (just my humble opinion, lol).
So glad to read that you daughter is feeling better nd that you two had a lot of fun preparing her move and just being together.

Mary said...

How wonderful to see a post from you! sending best wishes to your daughter as she starts a new chapter (and to y'all!) ... and belated birthday wishes for your husband - Hope March brings some good things your way!

diamondc said...

Hi Penny: I am like you I am not much for alphabets myself but if they are really intricate I will enjoy doing them.
I bet you had fun helping your daughter, any time spent with family is a good thing, oh my gosh I sound like Martha Stewart, not a bad thing tho.
Your Sampler is beautiful.
Happy birthday to your Husband.


Karoline said...

Ann Rayner is looking gorgeous, I hope your daughter settles well into her new place.

I hope you've not had too much snow, we have had a lot more than the UK is used to over the last couple of weeks, which was trying to put it mildly

Margaret said...

Hope your daughter is happy in her new home. Helping someone move is always hard on the body. Our DD just moved to a new apartment, and we were very happy not to have been called to help out. lol! Your Ann Raynor looks great! She's a fun stitch. Here's hoping for spring to come quickly!

Astrids dragon said...

I laugh at that mail too, but somehow I hurt my knee today while getting up & down and I’m not laughing now!
How exciting for your daughter, I hope you’ll still get to see her often.
Lovely stitching, such beautiful colors!

Meari said...

I'm with you on the alphabets. I'm not a big fan either. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby. Yummy... black forest cake!