Friday, December 15, 2017

Catching Up / Missed Anniversary

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all taking time to enjoy the season and not letting too much stress invade your life. I know some of us have had snow --  some more than others. I'm trying hard not to give in to my hibernation instincts. 😉

Another successful school semester has come to an end, and just in time. A requirement of my Group Dynamics and Communication class was drafting a proposal for a psychoeducation group and then leading that group. Doing group therapy is exhausting! Thankfully, the participants were an easygoing, good bunch of people.

I appreciate everyone's concern and kind words on my Starbuck's experience. Those burns were no joke but, thankfully, they have pretty much healed. Scars remain, but I'm sure they will fade over time.

Something I missed blogging about was my thirtieth wedding anniversary this past March (oops, almost time for another one). I feel very blessed to have my husband. He is one of the kindest people I know and best of all he balances me out. I can't imagine life without him.

I stitched the Sweetheart Pincushion from the Blackbird Designs My Dear Hearts booklet for our anniversary. I don't know how I will finish it, but it won't be a pincushion. 🙂

Another person I can't imagine life without, my daughter. We recently spent a day shopping for antiques or junk as my husband likes to say. This was the scene as we left the shop. It was such a pretty sunset not captured very well in this photo.

After this, we stopped by a local winery that makes the only Merlot I can drink. Of course, I came home with a couple of bottles. A beautiful day all the way around!

And finally, an update on Bernie. After nursing him through his broken leg, surgeries, and just for added fun, an intestinal parasite, here he is -- my little helper. Don't they all love to help with the changing of sheets? I love everything about him especially his sweet stripes!

Until next time I hope you are finding time to spend with those you love. Take care, everyone!


diamondc said...

Penny: First of all Happy 30th Anniversary, I will make sure to wish you a happy 31 next March.
I thought I was the only one with a cat that likes to help change the sheets, she first hides under the mattress pad then each sheet after that, it does take longer to make the bed but I love it, it good to hear the broken leg is healed, Bernie looks a like my Blondie.
Your Sweetheart Heart is beautiful, I love the fabric color.
I hope you are getting loads of stitching done.


marly said...

Congratulations to you both on 30 years. I love that stitch, would like to see the final finish. Your boy is sure a cutie.

Vickie said...

Happy Anniversary to you two this year!! Oh Penny I LOVE this piece ON THAT FABRIC!!! What is that fabric? It is right up my alley!!

Barb said...

What a pretty heart you stitched for your anniversary. Congratulations on 30 years. We hit 40 this summer!

Mary said...

your new blog header is beautiful! ... happy (much belated!) anniversary and love the rest of the catchup too. glad you're healing and hope you'll be posting a bit more often in 2018!!

Jeannine520 said...

What beautiful little guy. I'm glad to hear he's okay now.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful picture as your blog header! Congratulations to you and your husband on 30 years. I really like the design you stitched for your anniversary piece.

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching! Happy anniversary to both of you:)

LINDA said...

Amazing! Happy anniversary to you both!


Linda from Beauty And Tips

Carol said...

What an interesting post, Penny! So glad that you have another semester under your belt--how many are left? The group dynamics class sounds quite daunting to me--no way could I have led anything like that! I am one of those quiet people who always sat in the back of the room :)

Glad your burns are healed and I'm sure the scars will lessen, but, oh, what a scary experience!

Congratulations on celebrating 30 years of marriage--they do fly by! And I love the pretty pink heart you stitched! You got married 10 years after we did :)

Your day with your daughter sounds lovely! I was happy that I got to have the same sort of day (well afternoon) with my son last week when we were up helping out my mom. We have the best time browsing through thrift stores and antique shops together. He is the only one that enjoys stuff like that.

Glad Bernie is all healed and feeling better. He sure is a cutie!

Wishing you every happiness at Christmas, Penny!

Brigitte said...

Great to read that the burns are healing well and that there are no bad consequences for you other than some scars.
Congratulations on another successful semester. It certainly was full of stress for you but you have done another big step forward.
Oh my, I *love* your stitched heart, it looks gorgeous on the pink fabric. And it's such great design for your anniversary. Happy belated anniversary wished - and yes, you are right, the 31st anniversary is just around the corner, lol.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Julie said...

Pretty pink fabric you chose to stitch on for your special anniversary, a lovely design and congratulations to you both.
Bernie looks adorable.
I hope you have enjoyed some festive happy times.