Friday, November 3, 2017

Down The Ravelry Rabbit Hole

If I had blazing knitting skills some of the things I would love to knit are:

Aileas by Isabell Kraemer - I love the details.

Laika by Isabell Kramer - this might actually be in my skill set.

Ok, really, let's just say anything by Isabell Kramer.

Freia Frost by Trin-Annelie - minus the fringe/tassels.

2 days 1 night by Regina Moessmer

Kindling Mitts by Helen Stewart

Bleached by Amy Miller

Dawe by Amy Miller

Vanderbilt by Amy Miller

And again, I want to knit everything Amy Miller has designed - ha ha!

Seriously, Ravelry can be a dangerous place to visit but so much fun to dream and escape for awhile!

I finally finished Circumnavigate by Heidi Kirrmaier.

This piece marked a turning point for me. I made so many mistakes - just distracted and not paying attention I guess. I forced myself to make an effort to fix rather than rip the whole thing out and begin again. I certainly did that enough in the beginning when it kept ending up twisted.

It's quite possible that everything isn't perfect, but I can't see it. 😉 Now I just need to figure out how to block it.

I'm currently knitting Stella. Nice mindless, relaxing knitting which is much needed right now.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some beautiful fall scenery!


diamondc said...

Penny: If I only knew how to knit, I would have a new love to add to my craft room.
I love the color of Circumnavigate beautiful.

Vickie said...

Lovely! What rich colors you chose Penny.

Robin in Virginia said...

Circumnavigate is gorgeous and I love the color you used for it. Stella is looking very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

The cowl is beautiful! To block, I suggest a good soak (with something like Soak or Euclan), then press out the water, roll it in a towel to get more water out and then lay it out on a towel to dry. If you put a rolled up towel inside the two edges, you won't have a crease. Hope that makes sense! I could probably be perfectly happy knitting only Isabel Kraemer, Amy Miller and Heidi Kirrmaier forever!

Brigitte said...

The cowl you finished looks just gorgeous, the pattern, the yarn colour, just everything. Good that you persevered on it, it was worth it.
If I was a knitter I'd also be on Ravelry. Just looking at all the lovely projects makes me want to start knitting again but my stitching is just enough for me, lol.

Julie said...

Very lovely header picture when I opened your blog - stunning!
Love the knitting, such a rich colour for autumn.
Nice choices of the patterns you have chosen, lots of lovely things.
Sending {hugs} to you xx

Margaret said...

It was fun to see what you're drooling over on ravelry, and to see your finish and your current wip. Lovely all around! I was down the ravelry rabbit hole for a bit the other day, looking for a sweater project. It's an abandoned rabbit hole for now. :D

Melissa said...

Hi Penny! It's great to see that you're down the Ravelry rabbit hole too! I bought Freia Frost because of you!

Lovely colours on Stella!

Carol said...

Oh, to me your knitting looks perfect, Penny! And I love the colors of yarn you've chosen. Not sure if I will ever learn to knit, but I sure enjoy seeing what you talented multi-crafters produce :)

Wishing you every blessing at Thanksgiving!