Monday, November 20, 2017


I recently had a very traumatic and painful (putting it mildly) experience with a cup of hot tea from Starbucks.

I've heard many stories about people spilling their McDonald's coffee or Starbuck's coffee in their laps and thought well, of course, they should know it's hot, and they should be careful. But I think the temperature of these beverages goes way beyond hot as in scalding. I felt sure that my skin must be melting right off of my body. Why does anything need to be that temperature!?.

I'm always very careful when handling a hot drink, but I think there was something wrong with the cup - it was so flimsy. I kept it and compared it with the cup from McDonald's the next day, and it was definitely not as sturdy.

The cup collapsed inward, the lid came off, and the tea went all over my hand, arm, and leg. Fortunately, my husband was driving because I'm sure I would have had an accident. I have never felt pain like that. I ended up with blisters anywhere the tea went and burns that are still somewhat painful. Obviously, I have no urge to revisit Starbucks at least for now - I'm really going to miss their hot chocolate!

But, the experience led me to look for alternatives, and I found several wonderful ones.

The Young Bean

The coffee is excellent as is the ambiance.

A beautiful tin ceiling.

Delicious baked goods!

And of course, plenty of beverages to choose from.

I didn't take a photo, but there is even a bookcase full of books in one corner!

Traders Cove Coffee Shop

This one has the added benefit of being located in Old New Castle - one of my favorite places to wander around. And it was a perfect fall day for a visit.

Located down a typical walkway.

I love this quote over the window from William Penn!

A very tasty quiche!

And of course, no visit to Old New Castle would be complete without a walk.

I hope everyone can find time in your busy schedules to enjoy a favorite beverage and maybe even discover an alternative to the more well-known coffee places in your area!

I would also like to wish those who observe Thanksgiving a very blessed day full of good food and happy times with family and friends!


Robin in Virginia said...

I am sorry to hear of your tea accident and the blisters it gave you. I enjoyed seeing your alternative finds though; that quiche looks incredible. And before I forget, I love the photo you are using in your blog header.

Vickie said...

Penny I am so sorry you are burned like that. I enjoyed today's pictures. My husband makes me tea chai lattes at home here. ;) I cannot have hot drinks or my headaches spike. Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving!

marly said...

Ouch. Hope it's healing. Lovely walkway and area.

Margaret said...

Hope you are healing quickly. That is nasty nasty!! Nice that you've found alternatives.

Preeti said...

Sorry that you got hurt by the hot beverage. Good that you explored and enjoyed other places.

Brigitte said...

So sorry to read that the hot tea burnt you so much. That's very painful. But I hope the blisters have gone and the pain as well by now.
When we travel and visit a town or even a village we always try to find a coffee shop or something similar to have lunch or just to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea. The two coffee shops you show here are certainly worth visiting.

Mary said...

oh Yikes, Penny! I'm glad you're healing ... and love that you're finding local, independent coffee places to support. I'll bet they feel a lot more personal, too!

Barb said...

You found some great alternatives. Even here in Seattle where Starbucks started, there are many good other choices. We have a favorite called Java Shots!! I enjoyed seeing all the goodies and fun places.

Julie said...

Oh Penny how awful. Sending a {gentle cuddle} your way with healing wishes.
Perhaps this might be a blessing in disguise, you might meet some people who enhance your life at these smaller independent venues.
take care xx

Carol said...

Oh, Penny, that sounds like such a scary incident! I don't drink coffee or tea, but have always wondered that more people aren't burned by them. Glad you found smaller, more intimate coffee houses and I hope your burns are healing quickly!

Hope you enjoy this last little bit of November--can hardly believe December is on its way :)

Astrids dragon said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry that happened to you! I hope you've healed by now.
I much rather go to a local coffee shop when I go out. It looks like you've found some lovely places to go for coffee AND a walk!