Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year / New Beginnings

Happy New Year??? We ushered in the new year a little chilly. Our heater decided that it didn't want to spend 2017 with us and went to that big appliance graveyard in the sky. It has given us problems here and there over the last few years, so it wasn't a complete surprise. It didn't make writing that huge check that began with an eight any easier, though. 

To make sure the technicians had enough working room, we had to do quite a bit of rearranging and sorting out - which I found strangely energizing. Some of that energy carried over into a good sort out of my stitching, sewing, reading, etc. room. I didn't realize how energy sapping that room had become because of the clutter and messiness. Anyway, all of this clearing and sorting delayed any stitching or other fun endeavors until a few days after the new year. But a new year is all about new beginnings - so I'm off to a good start.

While goals can certainly be a good thing, I'm thinking of steering clear of them this year. I do have some loose plans - more about them at a later date. 

I'm also going to be fighting against my tendency to jump on bandwagons and join challenges, _____-a-thons, SALs, KALs, etc. I'm attracted to them like a moth to a flame, and they seldom end well (as in not finishing). Although I'm sure there will be exceptions. : ) 

So far as the Goodreads challenge - I'm still on the fence about it - maybe? I am working on a list of books I would like to read this year so we will see. I did finally finish The Goldfinch which I always want to call The Nightingale. I love Donna Tartt's writing style and could have given that a five-star rating but I didn't particularly care for the characters and all of the drugs/wasted potential - very sad.

This is becoming very wordy, so onto a few stitching finishes! 

The Christmas Bird
With Thy Needle & Thread

The Bird Collection Part III
Heartstring Samplery

My blog may be changing a little. I've never really thought of it as an online journal before or really as anything but a place to put stitching/book related things but I'm thinking of including other things here as well. I appreciate each and every one of you who stops by, and I always appreciate your comments, so I hope whatever my blog becomes in the new year you will continue to visit and maybe even leave a comment.

Hope everyone's new year has gotten off to a good start!

P.S. Since I started this post we have had our oven catch on fire, so I think we will be shopping for a new stove in the next few days. Let's hope that is the end of our appliance adventures for a while.


marly said...

LOVE that Christmas Bird. Hope your household expense doesn't continue!

diamondc said...

Penny: I am like you I do not want to be tied down to any SAL's or anything related except the ISHW weekend, I do get a lot of stitching done then.
Love your birds so nice, I like the fabric for the Christmas Bird, is this the called for fabric or did you choose this lovely color.
So sorry about your stove, I hope you find the right one.


Barb said...

It's always a pain when expensive things break down around the house! You have done some lovely stitching. I especially like the chickadee. Probably because I love that sweet little bird. We have a lot of them at our feeder.

Justine said...

I love the chickadee! What a sweet bird. Sorry to hear about your appliance woes. We had to replace our boiler last year and it's painful isn't it?

Annie said...

It's always something, isn't it? Appliances just don't hold up like they used to.

Your birdies look wonderful. Hope 2017 brings all good things to you.

Vickie said...

The Christmas Bird is really spectacular Penny! Wow! No more big expenses!! Hope you have a great week!

Melissa said...

Happy New Year, Penny! Our furnace died too in early December and we went without heat for 6 days! It was awful. We did manage to get by without a new furnace, just replacing a part. I hope your new one will last you many, many years.

I've read the Goldfinch, or rather, I've listened to it. The audiobook is really excellent as the reader did a fantastic job of it.

I love that Christmas Bird. I still love cross stitch even though I don't stitch any more. Brenda's designs always make me smile.

Julie said...

The Christmas bird is gorgeous, he caught my attention.
Hope that's the last of the paying out for you on new appliances etc this year.
Did you find any lost things in your craft room?

Carol said...

Oh, my, Penny! What a way to have to start the new year--a dead furnace AND oven :( I always think (a bit selfishly!) of what I could have bought in stash when it comes to writing the checks for those unexpected expenses...

I adore your two bird finishes--seems like you are on a bird theme along with reading The Nightingale. That is a huge book to get through so pat yourself on the back :)

I'll be here reading no matter what your blog post is about! Happy New Year to you and your family...

Mary said...

so sorry you started the new year with appliance issues. ugh. (but hopefully that's it for 2017!) your bird stitchery is beautiful - what do you do with the finished pieces?

and finally - I had similar thoughts about The Goldfinch. I so wanted redemption for Theo! (of course I always prefer happy endings!)

Brigitte said...

You are definitely off to a good start. For me de-cluttering and clearing rooms is always like a new beginning and I always feel like being fresh and new.
One of my plans is also to stay away from bandwagons and challenges as much as I can. I just want to finish some of my WIPs and read a lot more books.
Your stitching shows two wonderful finishes - two great little birds. Great job, Penny!

Margaret said...

Oh dear on the furnace and the stove! Yikes! Hope that's it for things breaking down! I hear you on cleaning out. I did that in the fall, and it did feel good. I think I need to do a bit more now. lol! I'm sure whatever you decide to do with your blog will be great. Love your stitching!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh my goodness, I hope none of your other appliances have tried to kill themselves! Lovely stitching finishes. I hope 2017 brings lots more! :D

Preeti said...

Your bird finishes are so beautiful!! Hope all your appliances behave properly now and you get good stitching time. It is always good to de clutter once in a while although it could be a time consuming task. I am not doing great in book reading but I had set my goals low and I was ok with what I achieved in 2016.

Lumiruusu said...

The Christmas Bird is very impressive stitch and the another little bird is very cute as well-you always pick so nice charts..