Thursday, March 3, 2016

The "S" Word

Well, my family room no longer looks like a convalescent's room. Although my husband could probably have used a little longer to recuperate, he is finally back at work. I think there is a permanent impression on my couch where he whiled away many contented hours watching television. I can't tell you all just how much your caring inquiries and prayers meant to me. I'm really hoping we don't have to go through anything like it ever again. 

Now, the "s" word - I almost hate to say it - slump. I have really struggled to get into anything over the last several months. I don't know how many books I've started and then put down. Some I have been quite a way into and just thought why am I reading this? Same thing with my stitching. I do have one small finish 

Handprint on My Heart by Heartstring Samplery

And I have made a little progress on Margaret Randolph from The Scarlet Letter

Such a pretty sampler and I think I could have finished by now if it weren't for... the slump. I attribute it to the winter. I just don't function well when the sun is limited. It really is amazing what a difference a sunny day makes. I tell my husband that someday when we aren't working I would like to live in the southwest - he says he wants to live in the northwest. I say well, we can meet up a couple of times a year.

Three samplers I would love to stitch this year. The threads for them are beautiful.

And it was close...number 5 or new grandkitty. Thankfully, I can say meet Naya, the new grandkitty. : ) She is sweet as can be!

Well, hopefully I can get back into a more regular posting schedule. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit and those of you who keep in touch even when I disappear for a while. And I apologize for leaving such late comments on your blogs. I mark them to go back to and read and comment on and before I know it days have passed. Speaking of time passing - hard to believe it is March already! Take care and I hope to be back soon.


Cindy's Stitching said...

I need my sun also. I do so much more in the warmer weather. glad hubby is back to work. the stitching you have done is pretty.

Vickie said...

Your finish is so pretty Penny. Sounds like things are getting back to normal? Except that mojo! You have pretty choices lined up my friend.

Maggie said...

A lovely finish and some nice choices of larger projects.

I am more of a Winter person, i don't mind the cold or the dark nights I can hibernate and seem to get more done.
Hope you can settle into something soon, sometimes it's just the way it is and we come out of it eventually.

Melissa said...

I like your new finish, especially the thread colour - so pretty. You've got 3 lovely samplers in your sights! I wonder which you will stitch first?

Glad to hear your husband is back at work (recovered). Take care!

cucki said...

A sweet finish and some lovely choices of some great projects
Love and smiles x

Danielle said...

Oh, your post resonates with me on so many levels. I could not tell you the last time I had a true stitching finish. I have started, and then promptly hated so many projects over the last few months. I am hoping something will stick eventually. Now, I have been reading some great books, however. But I feel your pain!

marly said...

Glad to hear the healing went well. Sorry about the slump, I know how it feels. There's a little excitement, a start, boredom, questioning, and it becomes a chore. That's how I feel anyway and I see pieces I want to start but would prefer they be already finished! Hopefully it will pass for us.

Barb said...

First, what a cute kitty. I live in the NW and if you love sun in the winter, it might not work. Our summers are to die for however. I wonder if all the worries with your DH could have put you in a bit of a slump. It would have done that to me.

Annie said...

So nice to hear that your husband is doing well. Anyone would be in a slump after what you have all been through. Your little finish is adorable though. Hope Spring will be inspiring for you!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Give yourself a break--down time is okay. Your mojo will return. Love the Heartstring Samplery piece

Mary said...

what a treat to see you back here...I really do understand how that "slump" feels...and hope that you find your groove back here soon. you're missed. But I have to say, that stitching you finished - it's beautiful. and I love the three pieces you have your eye on for next. *living vicariously* :-)

Margaret said...

Sorry you've been having a slump. I know the feeling though. Both reading-wise and stitching-wise. Hopefully those blahs will go away now that spring is on the way (knock on wood!). Glad to hear your husband is back at work -- hope he is feeling back to normal too. Love your little finish and your WIP. Your choice of future projects is lovely too! Cute new grandkitty!

Carol said...

What great news about your husband, Penney! I'm so happy he is over the worst and has returned to work. Having been through my own scary time with my husband last year, I know what a relief it is to have life more "back to normal" again...

I think the older I get the more the lack of sunshine and the gray winter days bother me. On a rare sunny day, I am shocked at how much more energy I have and how much more I smile. I know we'll be at least spending winters in the south after retirement.

I do love your finish and have thought about stitching that one, myself. It would make a nice gift for my mom, perhaps backed with fabric from one of my dad's old shirts.

The little grandkitty is so darling--I really miss having a kitty around. Keep trying to talk my boys into getting one at their apartment so I could babysit :)

Hope the time change next weekend gives us both some extra energy! Happy Sunday to you, Penny.

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Penny ! Thank You for visiting my blog ! You finish is very pretty as well all the samplers you showed us.

diamondc said...

Penny: I am so happy to hear your husband is back to work, that means he had a good recovery.
I love your stitching choices, the color threads are so vibrant and beautiful, Heartstrings and Scarlet Letter have such beautiful patterns.
I am sure your mojo will be back real soon, spring is in the air.
I like the idea of meeting in the middle Mike wants to stay put I want warmth and sunshine.


Kaisievic said...

So glad to hear that your dear husband has recovered and is back at work. Gorgeous samplers in your wish list and it sounds like you have a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but the good news for you is that you are heading into Spring! Stay well, dear friend. xxx

Julie said...

I'm way behind on blog reading this month, the days have just seemed to pass me by.
Good to read your husband is recovered and well enough to return to work
Nice new sampler designs and a pretty finish.

Brigitte said...

It is so great to hear that your husband has fully recovered from his surgery and that he can be back at work. So wonderful for both of you.

It always happens to each of us from time to time to be in such a slump. Not very funny but it always goes away. I am in a reading slump at the moment and haven't touched a book for weeks and weeks - and I usually am an avid reader. So I just wait until my mojo comes back ...

Your little stitching finish looks great. And nice progress on Margaret Randolph. Wonderful, the three samplers that you want to stitch this year. I particularly love Mary Forsyth, I think it's because of the bright red color that is used in it.

Isn't it great to see the days becoming longer and longer and to have more hours with sunlight. Every year in February and March I enjoy the fact that it's a little bit brighter when I get up in the mornings. A wonderful feeling indeed.

Solstitches said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband has been so sick. I think the worry of this probably had a lot to do with your stitching slump.
Sunshine always helps though and soon we will have longer days too.
Happy stitching,