Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Pre-Spring Walk In Old New Castle

I used to think that crazy up and down weather was limited to our little corner of the U.S., but I know we all experience crazy up and down weather sometimes. After a couple of snowy days, we were treated to a couple of beautiful warm and sunny days with temperatures in the lower 80's! Weather like this makes me feel hopeful and happy!!! And when you have weather like this at this time of the year you have to get outside and take advantage of it. So I decided to take a walk in Old New Castle - one of my favorite places.

William Penn right before the blizzard

William Penn happy to shed his scarf on this beautiful warm day

And finally, a teeny, tiny St. Patricky finish

A few weeks ago, I got a son telling me he had been involved in a head-on collision. Thank God he walked away with minor injuries. The same can't be said of his truck. He is still pretty shaken up over it, so even though he was eligible for a rental while his truck is in the shop, I've been his chauffeur. I'm not complaining but I'm beginning to add little touches to my car to make it more homey since I have been spending so much time in it. :) 

Hope spring has shown signs of springing where you are. Thank you all for visiting ~ take care.


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a great walk that must have been on a pretty, sunny day! Glad your son is okay. It takes a long while to get past the jitters that being in an accident can cause. I was in an accident years ago where we went around a curve too quickly and went sailing off an embankment. I still cringe if someone takes a curve at more than a snails pace.

Sweet St. Patrick's Day finish!

Vickie said...

Loved seeing a bit of your world Penny. I am so thankful your son is okay. That is a sweet, little stitch.

Melissa said...

Glad your son is OK. That's pretty scary about the head-on collision!

I'm glad you got a bit of break in the weather!

Solstitches said...

Spring is bursting out all over here in UK. In fact, the winter in this area was so mild that we had daffodils in December.
It's a lovely time of year and so nice to get out in the garden.
I enjoyed the pictures of your walk.
So glad your son is OK after his accident.
Lovely little stitchy finish :)

Julie said...

Thank you for taking me along on your Spring walk, it looks a lovely place for some contemplation time.
So pleased to read your son was ok after his accident.
Nice new header pic, very pretty.

Mary said...

I so enjoyed our walk! (even though we missed the casual chatter that accompanies most of mine :-) and very thankful your son is ok. I'm guessing you can't stitch at stoplights, but you can knit ;-)

Margaret said...

Oh dear on your poor son! I'm so glad he is ok, but that must have been traumatic for him. Hope the chauffeuring isn't too awful for you. Loved seeing the pics from your walk. I so want spring weather to stay.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful place this is for taking a walk, Penny. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.
Your son had a lot of luck that he could step down from his car without any serious injuries.

diamondc said...

I am so happy to hear your son is o.k. and he was able to walk away.
Lover your St. Patrick's Day finish so sweet.
I love all your pictures so pretty.


Angela said...

What a beautiful walk, lovely pictures. Glad to hear your Son is ok, I was afraid to drive after only a minor accident, I can't imagine over a serious one. Lovely stitching too :)

Carol said...

What a miracle that your son walked away with minor injuries, Penny! I'll bet you are counting your blessings today... I always found that the best talks with my sons occurred when we were in the car together--who knows what you two might talk about while you are taxiing him around :)

Such pretty photos of Delaware... It may be a tiny state, but it is a lovely one!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter--you have much to be thankful for this year...

Kaisievic said...

Penny, I so enjoyed walking with you through Old New Castle today - what a lovely walk and good to visit with Mr Penn. Sweet St Pat's finish - I love how it is not a leprechaun nor a four leaf clover. Very elegant. So glad to hear that your son is okay - how frightening for you all.

Lumiruusu said...

Lovely pictures from New castle in Finland it is still winter it is very cold and it is snwing almost daily..thats why I so loved to see green gras and daffodils in your post. Thank God your son is okay ! Really cute little stitch!