Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back In the Hamster Wheel

I recently read on someone's blog (wish I could remember which one) that it was back in the hamster wheel now that school had begun again. That is exactly how I feel. I need to keep reminding myself what is on the other end of all this work and that it will end at some point. After having pretty much the whole summer, it is hard to get back into the routine of school. Very hard to put school first, and my stitching, reading, etc. second, or third, or wherever it falls after school, cooking, cleaning - you know - all those fun things. :) Really, though, my life isn't all that different from most of yours - most of you work and have families and I'm sure not nearly as much stitching, fun time as you would like. I've already fallen behind in my blog reading and commenting - sorry. I'm trying to catch up a little, and I hate being days, sometimes even a week late in my comments. Not sure how you all feel about late comments. August seems to have disappeared in a puff of smoke, and now it's September. Can't say I really miss August though, it was kind of a sad month.

Anyway...I have one very small finish. A few months ago, I went in search of some old Handwork samplers - can't even remember which ones now. I tried the Attic needlework shop and while she didn't have the ones I was searching for, she gave me a list of a few that she did have. Sight unseen, I ordered a couple, one of which was Naomi Dartnall.

I'm currently trying to finish Emma Lerch. After stitching a gazillion leaves, it's down to some filling in and should be done very soon. I recently came across the 1848 Lydia Ann Sharp sampler in the Spring 2013 Sampler & Antique Needlework issue. The colors are somewhat similar to the colors in Emma (to my eyes anyway-may have to pink it up some), and I'm kind of thinking about starting it. Grand plans I know.

I'm also doing some secret stitching on a Halloween piece to be seen later in the month.

We took a short trip to Bellevue State Park a week or so ago...

Even though it is hard to believe, we once had a castle in Delaware. Before and after pictures of the remodeled Bellevue Hall.

We took another short trip to North Carolina in August to help our daughter and son-in-law move back home. Sadly, things just didn't work out on the job front for my son-in-law and it was decided they would come home and try to get back on their feet. The night before leaving to come back home, we enjoyed a delicious farewell dinner with some of my daughter's co-workers along the Cape Fear River. An absolutely beautiful evening.

Looking across the river

Lola wanted a chance to redeem herself after that unfortunate picture of her funny expression. It doesn't look like she is being very successful.

Sound asleep, and snoring.

Not happy about the impromptu photo shoot. Would any of us want to be awakened out of a sound sleep to have our picture taken?

Finally, a very big thank you to all who stop by and visit! Whether you leave a comment or not I really appreciate your time. Welcome to new followers! Every time I consider discontinuing this blog thing, someone new pops up and I'm simply amazed, and think...well, maybe just one more post. :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Margaret said...

I hope you get more time to relax and stitch or read. I always say if I worked, I'd never stitch -- don't know how you working women do it! Lovely stitching! Love the pics from your outings too. Sorry things didn't work out for your DD and Son-in-law. :(

Parsley said...

I love how your cat was snoozing belly up! A couple of our dogs do that and I always wonder if it is more comfy that way.

Giovanna said...

That's a lovely sampler you're stitching. I've got my eye on the Sharp one too (it was the grave theme that did it for good old morbid me...)

I'm so sorry for your SIL and DD, I hope everything turns out ok for them.

Carol said...

I agree with you, Penny, August is a month I would love to forget! I do hope your courses leave at least a bit of time for you to enjoy your stitching. Your latest finish is very pretty!

At least you'll have your daughter and son-in-law close-by again... I hope they can both find jobs quickly in their new location.

Lola is so pretty--I do miss having a kitty around the house, but with my husband's allergies, I doubt we'll ever have another one!

Good luck with your studies--I know you'll do great :)

Melanie said...

This whole summer was off for me so I know what you are saying. If it weren't for the kittens I'd probably be deep in a funk at the moment. (Who can be impossibly funkified around kittens though, right?) Here's to a better Fall for all!! :)

Brigitte said...

I do hope that school and your daily chores will leave you a bit time every day to stitch, to read or just to relax. I know that it's sometimes a bit difficult to find some me-time.
All the best of luck to your DD and SIL to find jobs at a new place.
That sampler looks gorgeous! Just as the one in the magazine. Have fun stitching it.

Karoline said...

I liked that sampler in SANQ too. I hope you manage to fit a little stitching in here and there

Solstitches said...

Oh I hope you keep your blog Penny.
I look forward to seeing Lola and your stitching is beautiful of course.
Love that spot sampler you just finished.
Sorry things did not work out for your daughter and son in law.

marly said...

Great post. A little bit of everything!

Barb said...

That's a very pretty sampler you are stitching on. I was looking at the Sharp Sampler because my DD's married last name is Sharp. Their decorating is not the sampler type however. The pictures of your trip are lovely. That looks like a pretty part of our country.

Heather said...

Hi Penny. Your stitching looks nice. I think we must be neighbors now that I have moved. I just looked up Bellevue state park and it is only 20 miles away. I will have to put that on our places to visit in Delaware list.
:-) I hope you find some time to stitch.

cucki said...

Aww I love your pretty..
I'm so sorry for your SIL and DD....I hope everything turns out ok for them.
Huge hugs x

Chris said...

Hey Penny! So nice to see an update. I hope that you get back into the routine of school easily. I am sorry that August was sad and that things didn't work out for your daughter in Wilmington.
Thanks for taking me to see the castle ans for the other lovely pics.
Your Handwork finish is very sweet and I am looking forward to seeing your other projects.
Have a great week!
hugs :)

Annie said...

Life always seems to get in the way of stitching and crafting and all the fun stuff. But maybe that makes us appreciate our crafty time more. (I'm usually not that philosophical ;-)

Very pretty sampler so I hope you can make time for more stitching.

Love your pretty travel photos. Never been to Cape Fear, but just the name scares me after the movie!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful work on the sampler, it looks really pretty!

Jackie said...

Don't you just love castles? Something very romantic about them. I'm sure the reality of living in one is something completely different! Based on the after photo, I would have not guessed that building was previously a castle!

Hamster Wheel is a good description! Though I don't have kids in school nor do I work in a school, once Labor Day hits it seems that everything just ramps up.

Julie said...

Good luck with your studies. I hope things improve for your daughter and son in law.
Lovely sampler.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Naomi Dartnall is a lovely finish! I hope things settle down for you soon - my life feels like a constant hamster wheel, too.
Hope things get better for your DD and SIL with their move back.

Angela P said...

Congrats on the lovely finish :) I'm on the hamster wheel too, everything that is not fun is taking up all of my time too. I'm catching up on my blog reading/commenting this morning and later on some stitching. Hope you have a nice week and find some time to fit in the things you love!

Annette-California said...

Emma Lerch is soo pretty. and I liked Lydia Ann Sharp sampler too = looking forward to seeing your start her. Lola is darling. Hope your SIL will find a job hes happy with. Great that they have you and I bet you will make it fun while they are there with you. love Annette

Sally said...

Emma is beautiful.

I think we all feel the same with the hamster wheel! I don't work but often wonder where all my time goes!

diamondc said...

I used to think stay at home Moms had it made they work just as hard as us who leave to go to work everyday, Love your sampler oh so pretty, the next one you are starting is striking.
Love all your pictures from your trips, I hope all goes well for your son-in-law with the job front.
Its hard to find a decent job nowadays most companies want to go part-time so they donot have to pay for healthcare, or other bebefits.

diamondc said...

Almost forgot to tell you, your Cat is a hoot.

Jan Gartlan said...

The sampler you are stitching is so pretty. The cat is hilarious!

Anne said...

I'm with you all the way as well Penny. I just started teaching and already I can't believe it's mid-Sept!! Time goes by so quickly and I'm weeks behind in all of my blog commenting and posts! I even missed my sad :( Anywho, lovely work on Emma! She is a pretty one. I have that Lydia Ann sampler from a SANQ magazing and have been thinking about starting it...just like the other million samplers I want to stitch! Lol!

Kathy Ellen said...

How kind of you to welcome your daughter and son-in-law back home when his job didn't work out well for him. It is happening to so many young people all over the country right difficult for them to get a solid good start in their lives. Our youngest son is having the same difficulty.....graduated with a 4.0 from a good college and working right now in a grocery store.

Lovely pictures of your trip to NC, especially the beautiful sunset on the riverside.

Blessings for some peaceful moments with some stitching perhaps for you.

Meari said...

Beautiful photos of the park. Too bad the castle isn't still there. It looks like it was an awesome piece of architecture.

I can relate to the schooling. It wasn't that long ago I was doing the same thing. School, work, and The Homestead.