Saturday, May 25, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

Finally reached the end of a sampler that although small, took forever.

Hannah Cummins, 1828 With My Needle

Love this rabbit-

Garden Rabbit Ornament Cherie Wheeler Designs

My semester at school came to a close and I'm eagerly awaiting a package from The Essamplaire to fill my time until the summer semester begins. I will be taking a couple of classes online, so thankfully no traveling.

Another ending that is also a beginning-

My son graduated (magna cum laude) and will begin the next half of his college career in the fall. Way to make him squint into the sun. :)

The beginning of a new life together. The weather cooperated and it couldn't have been more beautiful-

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Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


marly said...

Congratulations to the handsome couple and your son! Never saw that sampler before - very nice.

Melissa said...

Congratulations on all the happy events! You must be so proud of your son for his academic achievements.

You've reminded me how much I like the Hannah Cummins sampler. I think I need to stitch it!

Enjoy your weekend, Penny!

cucki said...

Congratulations to the happy couple..
Very sweet sampler..
Big hugs x

Giovanna said...

Congrats to the newlyweds and to your son. And to you, for the gorgeous finish.

Margaret said...

Love your finish! Love your bunny too! Congratulations to your son! Beautiful wedding as well -- is that your daughter? Congratulations again! What did you order from the Essamplaire? Can't wait to see!

Julie said...

Very pretty sampler.

Barb said...

Such lovely important event photos. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. Such a pretty sampler!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

So much going on! Congrats to the son. Lovely couple looks very happy. And the stitching is something, too. Nicely done. Enjoy the break with lots of stitching.

Mary Ann said...

Congratulations to your son and the happy couple--very pretty wedding! Beautiful finishes!! I hope you enjoy your summer break--filled with rest and stitching.

Brigitte said...

Ohhhh, Hannah looks wonderful. Congratulations on finishing her. And congratulations to your son and the happy couple for the new turn of their lives. Good luck with your summer semester.

Carol said...

What a joyful post, Penny--a graduation, a wedding, and a lovely finish!! I'll bet you were the proudest mom in the world as your beautiful daughter walked down the aisle :)

Good luck with your summer courses--hope you find a bit more stitching time over the next few months!

Annette-California said...

Joyful post indeed. WOW! Congrats to you - graduation, wedding and a lovely sampler finish. And you got everyone thru it all. Love your Hannah sampler. Good luck to you with your summer classes.
love Annette

Chris said...

Congrats to the new couple and your son.. found your blog and now you moving to bloglovin? I am not sure what to do perhaps I had best follow the crowds that have moved?
Happy days what ever

Karoline said...

Congratulations to the happy couple & your son.

Hannah is gorgeous & I hope your next lot of classes goes well

Jan said...

I love Hannah! The bride is gorgeous. You must be very proud of your son

Parsley said...

How super sweet, a graduation AND a wedding. Wonderful!!

Solstitches said...

Love your finished sampler - it's just beautiful.
Congrats to your son.
Lovely pictures of the wedding.


Karen said...

That's a beautiful sampler, Penny, and I love the rabbit design, too. Congratulations to your handsome son, I'm sure you are so proud of him!

Marsha said...

What a nice sampler. I am doing Susan Singleton fron Scarlet Letter kit. 35 ct. Over 2. Thanks for visiting. I see you celebrated a beautiful wedding too. Congrats to the Magna Cum Laude!

Kathy Ellen said...

Magna Cum Laude! You must have been beaming with pride at your son's wonderful achievement! Congratulations to him and to the lovely bride and groom on a new beginning for them.

Hanna Cummins is just beautiful and I love the wonderful verse. Cute bunny silouhette. Your needles have been very busy!


Nancy Nettle said...

Wow Penny! Love your finishes. Very cute bunny... and the sampler is very nice!

That was kind of a wicked trick on your son, making him face the sun and squint. ;) Congrats on his Magna Cum Laude! Quite an achievement!

What a beautiful wedding! Your daughter's gown and hair look perfect! And what a handsome groom! Here's wishing them many wonderful, prosperous years together.

You've had a wonderful month already. I'm sure you're very proud of them both. :)

Anonymous said...


just found your blog.
Congrats on so many happy events.
Your bunny ornament is so sweet!
Beautiful finish with the sampler.