Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

This is Home Sweet Home Sampler by Pineberry Lane. For me, home sweet home is a sentiment I feel very strongly. I will be going back to school in a few weeks (which I'm very excited about) and don't expect to have much free time to devote to fun things like stitching. I've also been cautiously enjoying that things have been quieter with my parents lately but that will change at some point I'm sure. :)

I wish I had more to show but have been trying to shake a gastrointestinal illness that just doesn't want to go away. I can't seem to get the house cool enough, so couple the warmth outside with a fever and I've been covered with a fine sheen of sweat or perspiration whichever you prefer. Whatever name you give it, it makes me feel cranky and not in the mood to do much of anything. We did take a few days to visit the Salem County Fair in New Jersey. I felt bad for the sheep covered in wool and the rabbits with all of that very warm looking fur. Some of the luckier rabbits had bottles filled with ice water and they were taking full advantage of them.

A question - do you find it creepy, odd (insert adjective of your choosing) when someone starts from your first blog post and reads all the way through? I love to do that and have to say that looking at all of the beautiful framing and stitching has been one of the few things that has made feeling like crap bearable. :) I have been informed several times though, that some people don't feel comfortable with someone doing that. I was even called that crazy person from Delaware once. I think I would be flattered, but everyone is entitled to their feelings I guess. :)

I apologize for not leaving many comments lately - surely I will feel better soon. I do appreciate everyone who visits my blog and enjoy reading your comments! To all of the no-reply commenters, I will take this opportunity to thank you all! I hope everyone finds some free time this weekend to enjoy some stitching! And come on cooler temperatures!!