Friday, May 11, 2012

It Seemed Like Such A Good Idea...

It really did. :) But it was really like trying a new recipe the night you are expecting company.

The design is Sweet May Flowers by Threadwork Primitives.

I really had quite a few hateful feelings towards this little project. It's one of my gifts to my mother for Mother's Day. I'm pretty sure she will be kind, as she is used to my shortcomings. Starting way, way back. :)

I've made a little progress -

I'm well on my way to killing this poor thing.

Any advice cheerfully accepted. :)

Finally Goldilocks (Lola) visiting the bears. Actually, I think she may have been looking for Vinny.

Thank you to all who take time to visit. I appreciate it so much. Life has been extremely hectic lately, so many apologies if I have overlooked any emails. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)