Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Lady Named Margaret

I spent most of my summers as a child on my grandparents' farm. My grandmother, Margaret, managed to remain a refined woman even in the midst of life on a farm. Whether she was feeding the animals, cleaning stalls or countless other farm duties, she always wore a pretty dress with what she called a brooch. Additionally, she wore an apron, her watch (so she never missed Bonanza at 4pm), stockings, and a sturdy pair of low-heeled black shoes. She was a quiet woman. I never heard her raise her voice or curse and my sister and I could certainly be a handful. She led a pretty austere existence on the farm. It wasn't a home with a lot of pretty things in it, but she managed to add little touches of beauty here and there. From the way she dressed everyday, to the beautiful china she served every meal on (three times a day), to the pretty silver brush/comb/mirror set on her dresser. She wasn't one to show a lot of affection, but you knew you were loved. She was no nonsense, but I will never forget the time she traveled to North Carolina with us. We stopped at a gas station and for some reason they had a little monkey in a cage. I will never forget how she shook its little hand, and how she thought it was the funniest thing. She wasn't one for having her picture taken, but it looks like she may have been trying to crack a smile in this one.

This is Rosine's Sampler by C Street Samplerworks, but I've made it Margaret's Sampler. She always favored blue, so I stitched it in GA Summer Shower.

Sadly, I don't have anything of her's to treasure, but I do have many wonderful memories. She has been gone for 25 years and I would give anything for one more day on the farm with her.