Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm In Love

I wonder if the moon is currently blue since I only seem to post once in a blue moon. When I first started out, I really couldn't imagine that anyone would ever visit my blog, and comments were things I could only hope to get. So it's simply amazing to me every time I receive a comment or get a new follower. I LOVE getting comments, who doesn't, and I want to thank everyone so much for all of your kindness, it really makes my day! :)

I'm in love with punchneedle!!!! This is my first try (maybe I should have chosen something simpler for my first time???). It's certainly not perfect, but it was a learning experience and I know things I would do differently next time. One thing I need to do is outline things better, especially where one dark section meets another. Actually the outlining looks better than this picture shows. Punchneedle seems to be rather forgiving to novices. :) Still, I think I'm going to need lots and lots and lots of practice. :D

The First Thanksgiving ~ With thy Needle & Thread

I managed to spend a little time with my first love when I was able to put my newest addiction down. I'm not usually a lover of alphabets, but something about this one appealed to me. The thread color is Waterlilies Kelp by Caron and in real life it is so pretty. I'm really hoping that stubborn crease disappears. Sometimes I wonder how long some of the fabric I buy has been laying around.

Simple Harvest ~ With Needle & Thread by Blackbird Designs

and this was a complimentary chart from Plum Pudding Needleart (Blessed Be) that I changed a little

Leaving you with two of my four cat loves--
It would probably put some people off (including my son) :) but Hobbs, aka the firecracker, frequently graces us with her presence at the dinner table. Reminds me of one of my favorite (tear jerker) movies, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I love Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy together.

Here is Poopsie aka Little Miss Nasty, You Creep, etc., etc. :D seeking some warmth from the sun since someone who shall remain nameless went to bed without setting the heat to come back on ~ must have been in shock from actually reaching 73 degrees yesterday!

After reaching the end of this post, I have a headache from trying to upload these pictures. Might be one of the reasons I don't post more frequently. :)

Until next time, take care!


Margaret said...

Your punchneedle piece looks great! I love Brenda's designs and I think they would be the reason I would try it. lol! Love your stitching as well. Your fur babies are cuties. Cats love sun -- especially when there's no heat. lol!

cucki said...

wow punch needle is looking so beautiful..i love it so much.
beautiful stitching..all of them are looking so lovely..sweet cute..
lots of love for you xx

Vonna said...

Your punchneedle is PERFECT!
I love it :)

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Uhhhmmm, if that's your first PN, can't wait to see your second! Gorgeous and congrats on a stunning finish Penny:)

Penny said...

Love it.... you did a great job on the punch needle! I've never tried pn myself, but I'm thinking I probably wouldn't do very well at it.... :/

Loving your cross-stitch pieces as well! Now that, I can do.... kinda-sorta.

Have a great evening!

By the way, is it just me, or are there not a lot of "Penny's" out there?! Nice to chat with another "Penny!"

BrendaS said...

Penny --
Your punchneedle looks great to me. Is that a new design by Brenda? I haven't seen that one before. And of course your stitching looks great too:))

Great pictures of your fur babies. My cats and dogs all love the sun! I think they are trying to tell me that it's cold in the house:))

Have a good week

Barb said...

I love love love the look of punch needle, just not so sure I love to do it. I must try it again. My first piece came out a little uneven. Found your blog via Lakestitcher Lee!

staci said...

First Thanksgiving is AWESOME!!! Fantastic job :)

Chris said...

Hey Penny,
The punch needle looks amazing. I love the piece.
The stitching is looking great too.
As for the cats, I love the names. We have multible names for our too. My fluffy cat just had a trim job on his butt, so I think I can guess where those nicknames come from.

Ranae said...

Your punch needle is awesome. I did a small kit from Michaels, but nothing compared to Brenda's designs. I might just have to spend more money now, lol
Take care

Joy said...

Wow! If that's your first punch needle, I can't wait to see your next. Your stitching is great too. I'm a sampler person myself, but I will certainly visit your blog. No need to get a headache over're doing great. Mine was going to be stitching...well, that's changed, hasn't it?

Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Your Thanksgiving punchneedle is beautiful, it looks like it came out perfectly! I love the Simple Harvest sampler, too, and your cats are so gorgeous!

Lynn said...

You've done an amazing job with your first punchneedle! I'm afraid to say that my first effort wasn't worth showing and I haven't given it a try since. Brenda's patterns are so great though that I just might give it another whirl.

Astrid's dragon said...

Your punchneedle looks great! I bought a kit earlier in the year and have yet to use it - you give me great hope if that was your first one! I might take a class for in February, we'll see. Keep on punching! Oh, love the kitties too!

Siobhan said...

Your PN looks great, Penny! Fantastic job! I want to get into it, too. I have all the supplies but just never made the jump. I love the WTN&T designs. Beautiful finishes! Your cats are adorable, too.

Carol said...

Hi Penny! Just wanted to say "thank you" for your kind comments on my blog. I'm happy to have discovered yours, as well :)

Love your punchneedle--that is something I would really like to try myself someday. And your darling Hobbs is the spitting image of my old cat, Shadow. We lost him over 4 years ago and I still miss him very much...

pam said...

Hi Penny! Love your punch needle piece. May need to add that to the list of things to try.

JillMN said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your punchneedle piece is beautiful! I have not tried this art yet.

P.J. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your post on my blog. May you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Love your pieces of work, I agree there is something appealing about that alphabet design, lovely job. Oh the kitties are adorable, I especially like the nicknames for Poopsie. Our family loves TCM, movies classic movies.

Keep on stitching!

diamondc said...

Penny: I love punchneedle I juat have never done it you have inspired me, I love the picks of your Cats they are adorable, when you get ready to iron out the crease please put a kitchen towel or other fabric over the piece sometimes the threads run if any steam gets on the thread.
Than-you for visiting my blog site.

Kathy Ellen said...

Penny, "The First Thanksgiving" punchneedle piece is absolutely wonderful! I am always so inspired whenever I see the finished punchneedle piece, but am a bit afraid that I will be too distracted away from my first stitching love...cross stitch.

"Simple Harvest" is beautiful the soft green colours, and "Blessed Be" is so sweet too.

Stitching time wouldn't be complete without the company of our furbabies, for sure! Yours are really cute!

Jules said...

Your cats are adorable! At first glance, Hobbs looked like a cat I used to have when I lived in San Diego (CA).