Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Stuff

It has been a bit longer than I thought. I now know that however beautiful I find the Pacific Northwest, I NEED the sun! Between all the rain and a migraine, I just want to hibernate.

This pose pretty much sums up how the cats and I have spent the week.
I have made a little, emphasis on little, progress on Diligence

I do keep getting sidetracked by stitching smaller things

This is the Fanny Cravett Sampler by HandWork. I'm not crazy about the linen I chose. In real life the linen looks browner. Oh well. I'm still enjoying On Diligence, so I just need to focus on that and get it done. I may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the border for some reason. If I want to do any stitching for Christmas, I need to start NOW. My mother and sister are so difficult to buy for. I thought I would stitch this for my mother

and this for my sister, whose name is Robin

I would also like to do some Christmas knitting, but I probably should have started last Christmas as slow as I knit.
I'm really glad I finally spent the money for this

Such pretty samplers, and I love reading the history.
My parents live in the country, and you never know what you're going to run into. Maybe literally.

These were some very friendly goats that somehow ended up on the wrong side of their fence. I guess I need to start carrying some kibble in the car. I just hope they weren't on their way to my parents' field, that's never fun trying to sort their animals from the visitors.
That's it for now, time to go be focused :)


Margaret said...

I love both your pieces! On Diligence is amazing. And your Fanny Cravett Sampler is gorgeous! The linen looks fine from here. Love what you're planning for presents too.

Penny said...

I have a sister named Robin, too, and that stitchery would be perfect!
Love the samplers you are working on...... they are just lovely.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

On Diligence is a wonderful piece and I love Franny Cravett, too! I am going to go in search of that one.

I hope you feel better. We get very little sun in Michigan from about October thru April and it is tough; I feel your pain. Our lack of sun makes me want to throw people out of windows by about January. I need sun, too!

Mindi said...

I love your Fanny Cravett finish, she's gorgeous! I have the same problem you do, I never finish my bigger pieces because I keep getting distracted with smaller ones.

My mother's name is Roberta, but she went by Robin growing up. Your idea for your sisters is a good one, I might have to borrow it for my mom.

Lois said...

I do like your On Diligence and what a lovely finish Fanny Cravett is. I've yet to get my hands on the new BBD book but am looking forward to it when I do. Two really nice Christmas gifts you are planning to stitch. Thanks for the lovely comment when you dropped by my blog!

Siobhan said...

I love your On Diligence! Fanny Cravett is gorgeous. LOL at the picture of the goats. We were driving down a country road the other day & spotted one tied to a gate. I just hope that it knows to move in when cars come, because while it's a country road, the cars still whip through there. I've also spotted cows in the middle of the road--I'm still getting used to country living after 8 years of living here. ;)

Patty C. said...

"The North Wind" is a great pattern - I'm sure Robin will love it ;)