Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Diligence

I'm hoping that this blog will help me be more diligent in finishing things. Sometimes I'm good at settling down and finishing one thing before starting another and sometimes (actually more often than not) I'm no good at settling down at all. As proof of this... I'm still working on Rainbow Row, which seems to be going about as slow as building an actual house. Another large piece I'm working on is On Diligence.

This is my progress so far

The Porcupine has reproduced this sampler, as well as, 'a few' others (Mary Slatter, Jane Ballard, and Hannah Lancaster) that are on my long list of samplers I would love to stitch.

I found them at Silent Stitches. I'm always hesitant to order from someone I've never ordered from before and was pleasantly surprised at their quick service. Since I'm not the fastest stitcher in the world, I have to have something smaller that I'm working on at the same time so I feel like I'm accomplishing something. This is The Rising Harvest Sampler by Pineberry Lane

I really like their designs. When I need a break from stitching, I love to read. These were recommended to me by a friend, and although they don't sound like the type of books I usually read, I think I'm going to enjoy them.

Finally, a picture of my petunias. Despite the heat and the worms, they seem to be doing pretty good. They're my kind of flower, the kind that don't require a lot of fuss.

Time to get off of this time stealer and hopefully squeeze in some stitching before everyone expects dinner.


Mindi said...

On Diligence is absolutely stunning! Thanks for saying where you picked up the charts, I might have to get a few.

Karen said...

Nice stitching, Penny, and a nice start on your blog, it looks great! I wanted to become a follower but you don't have your following widget up yet.

Deb said...

Oh, how I love your stitching and the pieces that you've picked. I love anything by the Porcupine Collection and have wanted to do On Diligence forever. I started Hannah Lancaster instead, but haven't made much progress. I tend to be a habitual starter! LOL Love your Rainbow Row too. Barbara and Cheryl used to be a favorite of mine and one piece that I did (Sunday Morning) I love as much today as when I did it.

Hope that your new blog helps you stay on track, but even if it doesn't I know that I'll love seeing the pieces that you're working on.

Margaret said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I can tell you have good taste in samplers -- just the sorts of pieces I like! lol! I want to stitch On Diligence someday as well. And your other pieces on your blog -- all beautiful! Hope you enjoy blogging. It's fun to do, and you get to meet all sorts of stitching friends too!

Siobhan said...

I love your taste in samplers! I've wanted to do Rainbow Row since I saw it as a model at The Strawberry Sampler. I would LOVE to go to Charleston someday.

On Diligence is stunning! Love your WIP pics. Another must stitch for me. Your other samplers are gorgeous, too.

You will LOVE The Heretic's Daughter!! There's a prequel to the book, The Wolves of Andover. I heard it's not quite as good as The Heretic's Daughter. Google the author--she is a descendant of one of the 'witches'. Another good one is Brunonia Barry's "The Lace Reader". I see you're on Good Reads--I'll send you a friend request. I'd love to keep up with what you are reading. There's a lot of blogging stitchers on GR, which is fun.

Welcome to the blog world!

Patty C. said...

On Diligence is a lovely pattern !!!