Friday, January 15, 2016


Well, the pain medicine has kicked in and the patient is fast asleep. I just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery went well. Of course, the recuperation process is no fun! It is really tough to see someone you love in so much pain. I'm hoping that things will settle down in a few days and maybe I can find some time to do another post - not that I have much to show. : ) These words sound so inadequate, but I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words, prayers, and encouragement!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I'm happy to say is finally finished!

Christmas went by in a blur. My parents have required quite a bit of my time lately resulting in some very long days. I'm afraid I had a mini meltdown the other day. I just feel physically and mentally worn out. Hauling 50-pound bags of horse feed and maintaining two homes has taken a toll. And of course, I'm worried about my husband. All of your kind words have really meant a lot to me. I'm literally bleary-eyed by the time I read email and comments and hope I haven't missed responding to anyone. I'm hoping to carve out a little time to think about my plans (stitching, reading, knitting, etc.) for the coming year. After a brief hiatus from school, I will be going back in February. My focus for the year is to finish - after all I don't want to take the mature student status too far. 

Just a few Christmasy pictures

Lola thinks we put the tree up every year just for her and was very indignant when I had to put the gifts under it.

And my husband and I many moons ago

And I guess I need a disclaimer after being informed by a helpful soul that I'm not a writer. Well, I'm not a writer. I'm a math and science person. :)

Again, thank you, everyone, for your kind words concerning my husband and for taking the time to visit! Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year!

P.S. We have been given a date of January 14th for my husband's surgery, so continued prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Distracted guessed it...scary medical things. It seems my husband has developed a condition that needs surgery as soon as possible. He wants to wait until after the holidays, even though he has been told it could become an emergency. Between hoping everything behaves and waits, and choosing a surgeon it has been a very stressful couple of weeks. I really expected to have a finish to share, but instead will have to settle for a progress picture.

Holly by Notforgotten Farm

Ha ha, and once again it is raining today, so not a very good picture.

I am so loving our weather! Much more pleasant running around without having to bundle up. Of course with these warm temperatures there is no snow in the forecast, so I will have to be content with this
Lola knows what to do on dark dreary days, and I'm having to fight the urge to join her.
But, I've procrastinated long's time to finish my cleaning. I will be back next week, hopefully with a few finishes to share. Thank you for taking time to visit!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Strange happenings this morning. I'm not sure I'm ready for December, but when I came down this morning November's calendar page was laying in the floor. There was December looking right at me. Anyway, our plans for Thanksgiving fell through. My poor husband came down with a nasty cold, so we ended up staying home. We still enjoyed our dinner...just a few days late. The only problem, and it was a pretty good problem as problems go, we ended up having to eat a couple of pies that we intended to take to the other dinners. So, maybe there were a couple of extra pounds added on.

I'm still clinging to November and wanted to post this finish from a few weeks ago. Our sun has disappeared and it is very dreary here. It is impossible to get an accurate picture and I know this because I'm not even going to tell you how long I tried. Some of the thread colors didn't really stand out very well on the fabric and maybe I should have changed them.

Grateful, Thankful, & Blessed by With thy Needle and Thread

I have a few things I want to stitch that are Christmas related, but it has felt so chilly in the house that I'm torn between stitching and doing something involving yarn. I'm hoping to take these lovely items and turn them into something nice, but when using dpns I could just end up with a mess. The colors in this yarn are beautiful, so if plan A doesn't work there will definitely be a plan B!

I love the convenience of downloading books to my iPad, but nothing feels quite as good as making an actual trip to the book store (even though I detest the mall). And since I'm afraid book stores are going to vanish altogether, I need to make frequent trips. These are a few that I've added to my towering pile by the bed.

Although the list of books I want to read is unbelievably long, as in would take many lifetimes to read them all, I'm always looking for suggestions. I'm not sure how many of you are on Goodreads, but I would love to be friends. 

Finally, this is a poem I came across on a blog that I read everyday. I think it's beautiful.

I appreciate all who stop by to read my blog! And I'm happy to be visiting my favorite blogs once again! Hope you are finding lots of stitching time, or time for whatever makes you happy.

Take care ~

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Seeing Blue While Going Nutty (Thanksgiving)

Hello everyone!

It seems impossible that November is almost over. Our warm temperatures make it even harder to believe that it is this late in the year, but I will never complain about the warmth. I don't think our colors here were as pretty as in past years, but still some pretty color to be found here and there.

Thanksgiving seems to become more complicated each year. We are kind of a divided family right now, so Thanksgiving means eating two meals at different homes to keep everyone happy. We will actually end up eating three meals this year. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy preparing a meal for the three of us ~ husband, son and of course myself. Maybe three meals will fatten me up a little. It has been a slow process of healing from some extensive gum surgery and bone grafting back in May, and as a result I've lost approximately 25 pounds. While my weight was creeping up a little higher than I would have liked I did not need to lose this much.

So, the three of us got together and planned our meal. It always gets out of hand. :)

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Since we really haven't any family hand me down recipes, we will be borrowing (trying for the first time) Grandmother Carter's cornbread stuffing. And I think we need a test run on the Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake.

Finally finished this little piece. Oh. My. Goodness. I love it, but I'm pretty sure I've stitched enough acorns for a while. I was seeing them in my dreams.

Speaking of dreams ~ Lola had just finished her breakfast and was deep into dream land.

I really want to thank those who stopped by my last post!!! This has been a very rough year and even though I was never a frequent blogger, it is a little bit of normality, and I desperately need that right now. I'm thinking my blog may be a little different and I hope you will continue to visit. It seems blogging isn't as popular as it once was and I'm finding more and more bloggers on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tying Up A Loose End

Just one of those nagging things...just needed to post the finish that was actually finished quite a while ago.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Traveling Pattern Winner

Just a quick post to announce the winner of the traveling pattern. Land of Liberty (along with a few other goodies) will be traveling to Kaye. Congratulations, Kaye! :)

I've been feeling a little under the weather, but hope to be back soon with a finish or two.

Have a great week!